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This Formula Works

I just wrapped up teaching a six week series called “Living With Me.” Basically, we uncovered our Impostor. You know, the girl (or guy) inside your head who always counters the truth of God, or that voice inside your head who wants the entire world to be about you and how you feel. Yea, that person. What do we do…

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Being Real, Holy Spirit

My Mountain

Yesterday I wrote about my One Word: Believe. As God showed me this, I realized that through my unbelief I had partnered with a very foul friend: Guilt, and her cousin, Condemnation. Between the two of them, I was being buried under a mountain of lies. I went to the library last week after many days of talking with my…

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Today I get my glucose test. Today will determine if I have gestational diabetes again. Today I am believing that this disease will not rule this body…again. Today I am believing God in spite of earthy “proof” and evidences. Today I am healed. To God be all the Glory in Christ.

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I Don’t Know What My Gifts Are

I find that statement to sometimes be true when I’m talking to someone about having spiritual gifts. You know, those intangible things that we use to minister to people that come from the Holy Spirit, but should be easy to define, but more than half of us don’t know what they are? You follow? Here’s the deal, I believe that…

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There something about me I don’t like. I don’t like my life being interrupted. Now, it’s not what you might think. You, dear reader, could call me in the middle of the day and I could chat it up for hours. However, if in that call you say, “Hey, I know it’s tonight, but could you come up to the…

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It’s simply a matter of believing. Here it is 2009, the largest population on the planet in recorded history. We are positioned for greatness for God. It’s just, do we believe it enough to dive in, join the ride, and forget about being like everyone else? Do we believe that God would place each of us at the right spot…

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Mirror, Mirror

I really do love it when God decides to turn up the heat, dig out the ugly, scrape the dross off the top… you get the idea. It’s been two weeks of Him holding a mirror up to me while I pick through the zits of my sins and confess each and every one. It’s not pretty, but immaturity in…

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Holy Spirit

It Was Apples, Carrots, and Me and Him

A few weeks ago God told me I was going to fast for three days. I was all, “WHAT!? No way. Can’t do it. One of my kids will end up without a head and my hubs could leave me.” But, after much prayer and confirmation from His Word, the fast was set. There was the infamous, er famous, passage…

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