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I’ve Noticed Something

I’m saying right off the bat that what I’m about to post about is simply an observation. However, I’ve observed that I am totally a part of this whole thing. Typically when I’m around any group of women, any group, there will inevitably be a conversation or twenty about food, weight, weight loss, weight gain, exercise, dieting, and/or what we…

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It’s not a good thing when I have a little extra cash because, well, I like to spend it. On Friday, Hubs and I got our tax return. After a few pay-downs of some debt, we have some money to spend and, well, I tend to want to run right out and buy something. It’s doesn’t have to be much,…

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I Might Resort To Using Shop Tools

Can we talk about feet for just a minute? Spring is just around the corner and that means flip-flops are soon to come crawling out of the closet… …and it frightens me. People, I have some ugly feet. They are a petite size six-ish, six and a half, but dude, they are a fright. My poor heals could BE the…

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Ashes Never Help a Flame

Strange weather we Oklahomans get around here. One week it will be sunny and 75 degrees, and then BOOM, this week we have freezing rain, ice (which is different than freezing rain how?), sleet (again..different?), and snow (that one I get.) In and out the girls went, busting the ice off the trampoline with my spatulas, leaving me with two…

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Don’t Get Behind Me

This topic was briefly brought up at LifeGroup and it has to do with men and grocery shopping. Now, before you think this is going to be some sort of man-bash, let me clear the air (no pun inteded, you’ll see why) and say that the men were totally involved in this converstation both agreeing and confirming the topic. Here’s…

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My Thoughts Before the Meds Kick In

I just took an Ambien so I have to write this post as fast as possible before the “fun” sets in and I start typing in gibberish. Before I tell you what I want to say, check out that cool button I made for the That’s a Wrap party!———————————————————————————————-> I just want to pose a thought to you, have you…

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