flagyl tongue discoloration


God Talking

How many times have you sorta looked around after “hearing” something that might be from God and mumbled, chin down, in your chest, “Uhh, was that You or me?” Raise your hand. Me too. But, you see, I’ve come to the place when I know He is talking to me. I mean, I’ve come to…


Why it Really Does Take a Village

My phone lights up. Someone has posted to GroupMe again. They are talking about who knows what, but I need to know who is talking about what! The app is simple. You take a group of people you want to talk to, but would rather not text or email, and everyone signs up, and voila,…


Kids and Fits and How to Make it Stop

How many times have you seen it? The helpless, ragged mom in the store looking down at a the flailing child on the floor who seems to think that mom saying no to him is just not going fly. The fit is thrown. Awesome. What about your own kitchen floor? Ever seen one of your…