I See Fat People

Ok, so we all know that America is the fattest country in the universe. I have to admit, I ┬ácontribute to the points that add up to make us #1 on the list, but I’m not proud of it. I’ve got a couple of bulbous places that are being tended to by Jillian. We’re working on it so that I can take my points off the list of “Who’s-Who Among Chubs Contributing to America’s Weight Problem”.

What about as Christians? Sometimes I see “fat” believers, “consumers” of the faith, if you will. Always whining about how miserable they are because of their past. Always complaining about their birth order and the havoc it brings in their day to day inability to cope with the rest of the world. Always telling me how “bad” they are and the sin they just can’t seem to shake.

Hello? My hand is raised up and I’m “Oo! Oo-ing!” because that’s me up there. I can have a consumeristic, what’s-in-it-for-me mentality when it comes to following Christ, and then, to spit on the cross, I simply live in all my fat-ness. I absorb Christian self-help books, and chow down with girlfriends about my habitual sin and complain about how difficult it is. I drink the rich mocha of self-absorption and find that my spiritual waist line is so fat it becomes toxic and should be called a waste-line.

So, what do we do? Well, physically we already know what to do to get healthy (note: I didn’t say skinny!)

1. Eat Right…. der

2. Drink plenty of water…. ya, ya

3. Exercise…..crap

4. Sleep….but, all the TV shows I need to watch!!

5. Get over your junk and contribute to society

6. Um, actually DO 1-5….blast.

Transfer spiritually:

1. Eat Right — der, the Word of God…. DAILY

2. Drink plenty of water…. that would be humbling yourself to the Spirit so He can do His job

3. Exercise…. Don’t just listen to the Word, DO IT

4. Sleep… no really! Good sleep helps the brain and Spirit. GO TO BED!

5. Get over your junk and contribute to society. —- If the Spirit of God can rescue Jesus from the dead, surely He can deliver you from whatever plagues you. If we continue to focus on that which is ugly, old, forbidden, unforgiven, and dangerous we will never become what God has planned. However, if we focus on what God has called us to (and that is a PLENTY) you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget your own junk and can make an eternal difference. You won’t even have the mental room to be sucking up sin-shakes and fried-up bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness. You’ll be like Nehemiah when rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. You’ll be able to say to those things, “I’m a doing a great work and cannot come down!”

6. Do 1-5

So, while I’m hangin’ with Jillian, I find that the more I hang with the Spirit, the less I become FAT in my own junk. I become a machine for Christ, unstoppable and unhindered by the shackles the enemy would love to toss on my shoulders.

Let me ask you? Are you a fat Christian?

3 thoughts on “I See Fat People

  1. Ooh. Ouch. But, the Lord has been speaking to me about my spiritual fatness – and my tendency to focus more on my physical fatness than my spiritual fatness that somehow is also malnutrition! Loved this post – well, you know what I mean! Thanks Natalie ­čÖé

  2. raising both hands. \o/

    love the way you broke this down, natalie. especially how you connected drinking water to letting the Spirit work on us — so, so good.

    now, to get on #6…

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