The Final Member

I would say that the day began like any other day, but well, that just wouldn’t be true. The day started very early, like 5:00 AM early and that is most certainly not like any other day. I only get up that early for sick kids and to catch a flight, but never would I say, “Oh, let’s get up early and go have a baby.” Now, make a baby might be a different story, but now I’ve said too much.


The night before, we enjoyed a little bit of just the five of us one last night.

A little gigglin’, a little basketball, and a lot of love.

I joined in too…. a little bit.

Next day, 5:00 AM rolls around and I roll out of bed.

Shower, breakfast, coffee, finish packing hospital bag…

We drove to the hospital holding hands and wondering what the day would bring. We arrived and got settled in Birthing Room 14. The hospital was quiet like it was wanting to welcome us warmly and without causing any fear or anxiety. I liked it.

Undress, ugly gown, kept my bra on because I need something to be normal, get in the bed, wait.

My Doctor came in to see if I had progressed. Alas, I had not. My nurses were just behind her, Erin and Melanie. Erin assured me that Melanie was great with IV’s. Oh swell, a trainee. She did a great job, if someone can do a great job on an IV. One stick down…one more to go.

Saline bag, Dextrose bag, Pitocin bag…

We got all those nifty bags flowing through my ever pregnant self to see if we couldn’t get Pierce to come on into the world. Contractions started soft and normal. I had to pee… a lot. At the beginning, life was pretty calm.

I still had my good hair, a smile, and no pain.

Even had time for a funny. This is me “pushing”. Um, y’all, that ain’t EVEN close!

Time passes, contractions increase, funnies, jokes, and Twitter sort of wear off, anxious to get this done.

Around lunchtime my sweet kids showed up. I was so glad to see them. Their sweet faces were full of excitement as they came in the room. Piper had her “hospital box” full of things to do while she waited. Paige dressed up a little, and Phoebe told me she had washed her hair.

Other family members were there. They came, went to eat, came back….waited.

Around 3:00 I decided it was time to call for the epidural. Of course, Dr. was in surgery. 4:15 he shows up with his nifty cart. He rolls his cart behind me and I turned my head away not wanting to see anything on his nifty cart, thankyousokindly.

Anxiety increases, hubs holds my hands, I pray out loud, “Big stick.”, ohmygranny!

Soon, he is putting the epidural in and I’m just breathing and keeping my back nice and round for him. I think hubs was doing the same thing.

Dang, he missed and hit a vein. Back out the epidural thingy and try again. ThankyouJesus, he got it that time.

Anxiety increases again, lie down, “I think I just peed myself!”, “Um, no, your water broke.”

Now things were moving. There was about 45 minutes that involved my eyes being as big a saucers, anxiety off the chart, and me telling JT that I was certainly going to die. There was no real evidence that I was going to die, it just seemed like that is what was going to happen. Turns out, I was in full-on labor. Interesting.

Dr. shows up around 5:15 to find my nurse ever so sweetly massaging my cervix. Ah, how kind on a stressful day to have your cervix massaged. Thought for a minute there my nurse was going to deliver this baby.

5:30, bed prepped, legs at the ready, hubs on one side, mom on the other, time to push

and push

and push

and push


and push

and push

You get the idea. 12-15 of the hardest pushes I have ever had to do in the three deliveries of this nature. I actually broke a sweat. I used to tell my girls, “Bah, the movies make it look worse than it is. You don’t really work that hard and sweat like that. Sheesh, I never did.” I’ll be eating those words now. For the life of me, I have no idea how women do that without The Juice in their back. Didn’t feel it, but work my tail off to get him out. And here he is…

Labor and delivery would not be complete without Apple products.

Holy Smokes! We have four kids!



7 lbs 5 oz

20 inches


5 thoughts on “The Final Member

  1. Congratulations!
    I’m wiping away tears now. Your son is certainly precious. I’m 25 weeks pregnant…already have two 7 year old boys. This time it’s one boy. I’ve been “emotional” today. lol I just finished hanging the wall border in this little guy’s room this morning. I painted it Monday and Tuesday then put together some furniture. I sat in there a while ago with tears of joy. Then I came here and saw your post and shed some more. God is good!

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