I raise people.

I feed them.

Play with them.

Admire them.

Adore them.

They bring me challenges. They offer me laughter. They teach me things about God that I wonder if I would have ever learned otherwise. They cause me to look at my weaknesses and dare to change.

I have things.

Things I read.

Things I admire.

Things that get dirty.

Real things.

Real people things.

Blue candles that show signs of torture.

Oklahoma Today. Great state. Great reads. I feel at home.

The “W” that symbolizes our home, name and future.

Grass on the floor. Evidence that I have activity and chaos.

Little red books. Who doesn’t like little red books? They make me happy.

A stack of Better Homes and Gardens with a pic of me and my siblings. We had an incredible Home, but no garden.


I have people.

I have things.

Each of them touch me in different ways.

Each of them remind me of God somehow.

I love being human.

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