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Pudding Saved Me

There I was, just enjoying a nice conversation with my friend, Deleise, when I said, “Hm, I can tell my blood sugar is getting low because my lips are going numb. Maybe I should get a snack.”

Nah! Just keep on talking, Nat. Keep on talking.

Whoa! Oh my word, you have never seen someone move faster down a hall to find any kind of sugar anywhere. I thought, I’m going to pass out!

Another friend was there with me (at our children’s co-op) and she was digging around in her bin looking for her lunch for her kids when I grabbed her arm, literally slumped my 9 month pregnant self onto the tile floor and said (I’m sure I looked frightened), “Do you have any Coke or juice?”

She looked back at me, “Are you ok?”


She tore into a pudding cup like you’ve never seen! Followed up with a Reece’s peanut butter cup egg from Easter. Soon, there was Deleise checking on me and someone handed me some apple juice. The world began to level out again. However, Deleise took all my snacks, and with a very motherly tone, told me to stop eating all that and it was time to get some protein.

I obeyed.

Within about thirty minutes, I had leveled out. Sugars came back to a normal level and I could calm down and rejoin society.

I got to thinking about my “episode” later that day and realized how easy it was to ask my friends for help in a really difficult moment. I even took some child’s pudding and peanut butter egg! My friend had given it willingly to help me recover. More than that, Deleise knew the other measures I would need to return to health.

What if I hadn’t asked?

What if I couldn’t get my hands on sugar in a building full of mom’s and snacks and lunches?

Who would be that stupid?

Sadly, many Christ followers are. Well, not so much stupid, (maybe a little) but maybe more inclined to get themselves through hard times….alone. How many people in the Church are around sound, Godly, strong followers of Christ but are literally slipping in sinking spells of sin, depression, pain, rejection, you name it, and don’t reach out for help?

How many healthy Christ followers don’t see them going down? How many don’t know to offer the pudding or chocolate of God’s Word?

Two things must be in place for the Church to be the Church to each other:

1. Groups: I was surrounded by people I loved and trusted when my sugars dropped. I had no problem reaching out to them for help. It must be the same for us in the church. If you say you have “no one” are you connected at all in a group of people you trust?

2. Awareness: Those around me saw the signs, jumped in willingly, and saw me through. For those who are strong right now, are you seeing the signs of the sinking?

Jesus said that he came for the sick. We must follow that as well. Be willing to ask for help, and be willing to give it.

You never know, your “pudding” just might save a life.

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  1. “more inclined to get themselves through hard times….alone” sooo true… the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn is to ask for help 🙂

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