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Body Obsession — I think it’s gone……

So, I read lots of posts and have written my fair share about the ups and downs of body image and food and size and …. on and on. You know the drill.

Yet, when I read about the struggles that women face, Christian women face, concerning their bodies, something in me goes all a hay-wire. Something doesn’t sit right with me. I get irritated and sad all at the same time.

There are a couple of things I struggle with…okay, like eight.

1) Why are we so obsessed with it?

2) Why are there obese followers of Christ?

3) Why are there followers of Christ who pert near kill themselves in the gym to fit into those skinny jeans?

4) Why do we watch every frickin’ calorie?

5) Who told us we are supposed to care as much as we do?

6) Why is it so stinkin’ hard?

7) What would Jesus say to us about our collective Christian obsession with food, diet, exercise?

Hey, I’m not saying I’m not guilty here. Don’t think I haven’t lived as a slave to the mirror, turning back and forth to get a good look at all the humps and bumps. Don’t think I didn’t look up and see a face that should be thinner, hair that should have better highlights, and teeth that should be whiter. ¬†However, here I sit 9 months pregnant and *gasp* actually think I look pretty good!

Here’s me:

I used to cry over the size of different parts of my body.

I used to HATE the fact that wasn’t a size 2 or 4 anymore.

I used to feel guilty about the food I put in my mouth.

I used to think that people really thought less of me because of how I looked.

I used to think God wouldn’t use me until I got “it” under control.

Then, I began a hard journey with literally much sweat and tears running to God with this whole body image thing. I’d ask him the hard questions on the treadmill and cry with him on the floor wanting to be free from it. I knew that this obsession I had wasn’t supposed to be. Trying to reconcile health with spirit wasn’t working!

And he did a number, let me tell you.

He began to unfold in me the way of the thinking and believing I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit. He taught me that all things — all thoughts, all actions, all purposes, all passions — come from the inner most place where his Spirit lives in me.

He began to exchange the thoughts of outer beauty with inner purpose. He showed me that the body is an extension of the Holy of Holies, if you will, and must come under that authority. From the deepest places inside me that is filled with the Spirit, the body becomes something wonderful to be used by God to fulfill what he has called me to do.

Takes the edge off.

Takes the condemnation off.

Makes me view my body as a tool, instead of something that judges me.

This can be the same for you. However, you must take yourself to him. Be honest. Be real. Have him unravel whatever false belief systems you have and ask him to train you in the truth.

You might turn around…and be free.

(for more teaching on this, go to This BLOG and scroll down. You’ll see Keys to Godly Body Image. There are 5 weeks)

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