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Snot Factory To Blame

For the better part of two weeks, I’ve had the worst sinus/cold/I’m-going-to-die thing going on in my face! It started right before Bible Study nearly two weeks ago and I thought, “Meh, this will be gone by the time I hit the road with my girlfriends to Dallas.” WRONG!

That Thursday I stayed in bed and hubs took the girls to co-op. I did go on that fun trip to Dallas/IKEA/SamMoon/everything-a-girl-loves and had a blast. However, my friends kept asking me if I was okay. I can’t imagine why. I mean, I was only able to talk for a bit before a coughing fit would overcome me, or keep Kleenex close because of all the snot. Not to mention that I was sporting a really good smoker’s laugh, but thanks for asking, I’m fine. *ahem, blech, cough!*

It’s hung on for days, but what I’ve found more interesting than the fact I’ve made more snot than a toddler’s nursery in the fall is that it’s been so incredibly distracting. All I could think about was how to suppress my cough, when I could take the next Benadryl, how do I keep this sexy, scratchy voice, where is my Tylenol! Distracting, big time.

I simply couldn’t help but be disengaged. The sheer energy it took from my body while trying to heal me was more than I bargained for. I found myself really trying to focus on conversations and stories. My eyes would want to close by themselves, but I needed to see the road because I’m doing a little thing called driving! By the time I was done teaching at Bible Study I simply felt like I had been run over by not only a Mac truck but by the Space Shuttle itself coming in for a landing.

Something, er someone else who has lost my attention has been God. But, here’s the deal: no guilt. None. There was a day when I would tell myself what a bad Christian I was for not praying and engaging with the Father. Not these days. My breathing, my talking to Him about how bad my teeth hurt because of the pressure was prayer. My sickness, although sucking the life and brains out of me, still did not cause me to “feel” far from Him even though everything was out of sync.

Not so with sin I’ve been in. That kind of sickness was in many ways descriptively the same, yet so different. Sin kept me distant. Sin sucked the life out of me. Sin clogged my mind and heart. Sin caused me to disengage in more than just everyday life, but every day with Christ. So different from a sinus infection. So much more deadly and toxic.

Honestly, I’ll take the cold sinus headache of two weeks over one minute of that sin-filled life. Give me snot any day.

And as with my cold, He was faithful to heal me from my sin. I’m so thankful that He is so faithful.

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