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The Front Porch

Just from the title of this post you already have a picture in mind of a front porch, right? Sure you do! They call to us on a warm spring day. We are drawn to front porches that cool us off when it’s an Oklahoma 103 degrees.

It’s the same with my front porch.

We love that porch in this family.

I’ve sat there with my kids eating ice cream and laughing. I’ve sat with JT trying to decide if we should take a new job, paint the kitchen, or have another baby. I’ve sat on that porch with numerous friends around a fire pit talking about who knows what and laughing until we thought we neighbors might come out. I’ve slipped out to that porch to just take a breather when things in the house got a little chaotic with my kids. Ahhhh.

But, my top reason for loving that porch is because I’ve met God out there. I usually sit inside with my coffee and journal in the morning, but when the weather gets warmer I sometimes go outside. To be honest, I can only stay out there until the temperature is right for the flies to get active, and y’all know I hate me some flies.

But on that porch, when it’s quiet and the breeze is slight, sometimes it is a quiet place for me and Him. That’s especially true if I can get out there while it’s raining. Mmmm, my favorite. All I know is that at any house I live in, I’ll definitely need a front porch. It’s a fine host for great relationships.

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