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The Kitchen Counter

I have a favorite place in my house,the kitchen counter. Before you go thinking it’s because I like to cook, let me set the record straight. Cooking is just a means to an end. The counter is a means to relationship.

I can’t tell you how many hours my husband and I have logged away sitting up on the counter, eating chips, and talking about whatever we needed to. We’ve discussed finances, our children, jobs, difficulties, hair styles, home decor, etc. To me, the kitchen counter is as good as the couch or back patio.

I’ve played with all my children on the counter. The big girls have even made pallets up there and laid on the counter for hours. We’ve started baby food trials up there, and dried little baby bottoms off from a sink bath. I’ve prayed over that counter as I washed up from dinner or prepared food. I’ve lead up against that counter to laugh with or just minister to friends in our home. I held on to that counter through the first contractions of labor. I’ve even shared that counter with my friend Kim as we munched on little waxy chocolate donuts.

The kitchen counter is more than just a counter. It’s where life happens with others. Anytime you want, come on over and we’ll pull up a corner.

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