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It’s interesting to read the blogs coming out about New Year resolutions and what not. What I’ve noticed, among my friends at least, is not so much the normal stuff like “I’m going to lose 30 pounds this year!” or “I’m going to go to the gym 6 days a week!” Nope, there is something else more prominent: change.

It’s not the kind of change that can really come from our own doing. You see, if you are a Christ follower, you might have learned that change, true change, can only come from the power of God at work in your life. I think that’s why some of my friend’s New Year resolutions are different this year. We’ve actually lived long enough to know that deep belief systems can’t be broken down in our own power; they must come from the power of the Spirit.

Our focus has changed.

So far, three of my friends have blogged on their “Word of the Year.” Deleise: Believe. Kim: Intentional. Mandy: Childlike. I’ve landed where Deleise has: Believe. I blogged about this a few weeks ago about how my lack of belief could have the potential to make God out to be a liar. Over the following weeks, I’ve come to realize even more.

When I don’t believe… a couple of (or four) things:

  • I’ve decided the terms of the promise.
  • I am missing the blessing associated with the promise.
  • I am missing out on the full potential of my calling.
  • I am missing out on knowing Christ to the fullest
But, when I do believe, it’s just the opposite.
  • I let God decide the terms of the promise.
  • I will receive the full blessings of each promise.
  • I will know and fulfill my calling in Christ.
  • I will know and love Jesus even more!
What about you? What’s your One Word?

6 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Pursue –

    Pursue God

    I have a good life – God has given my family more than we could imagine – but too often I let life happen to me so this year I am going to Pursue….Starting with God – my family – our kids – our farm – our recreation – down to what we eat at the table – no more just opening up the fridge and seeing what wants to be made….

  2. this year i'm focusing on servitude. just blogged about it a few days ago, and i'm amazed at how He's already changing my heart. 🙂

  3. Love this. I hadn't realized our brains and hearts were tracking so close. This has been coming on me for a while too. In certain areas I had all this information and verses that were great, but I stopped there, missing out on the most important part. Believing it for me. This is gonna be fun!

  4. Love…more deeply than ever. Is what I am doing and saying showing reflecting his love???? It should be. Even if it is disciplining my children or having a doctrinal debate. love love love…has the power to change all things!

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