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We Witcher’s are ready for 2010 probably more than any other year to date!


Because we want things to be different this year. We want to take our family somewhere on purpose and to do that it requires change, vision, focus and follow-through. We’ve done pretty good in the past, but this year, JT and I both feel the urgency to step it up!
It starts with me and JT. If we aren’t willing to make a plan, then our girls will have nothing to follow. 

For me it’s believing God at His Word and receiving His promises freely and without condemnation. That’s a tiny bit of a whole lotta information, but I’ll talk about that stuff later.

For JT it’s being intentional with this sweet little family. Again, you are getting a title, if you will, of our hearts for 2010, not the whole book.

So, with those in line, we have the freedom to lead our girls in 2010. Needless to say, we got reeeealll creative!

First of all, we “tricked” them into a family night. Which means, they just didn’t know what was coming. JT took them to pick up ice cream and I got bizzy with our plan. Earlier in the week, JT and I had laid out what we wanted for the girls this year in all areas: home school, church, attitudes, accomplishments, schedules, and then we made a fun way to integrate it into their lives.

It all started with a scavenger hunt!

We hid ten one dollar bills that they had to find using clues. Here they are…

This was bad news…we’re cancelling cable. wah wah. They took it juuust fine. 

There WILL be a “light’s out” time Sunday-Thursday (different for weekends) (yes, those are pillows. We like to write on the pillow and not use cases. I still wash them! Sheesh, what kind of mom do you think I am?)

And you will get up with the chickens. Sorry little girls.

Computer time will be earned. Period. 

New chore chart. Found it at Pier One

School room. They’ll be in it. Nothin’ new.

Money in the game cabinet. They will learn to use their time with other things. We call those “Instead Of’s” (now, it’s not that they watch TV ALL the time, we just want to cut it out almost completely. Just covering myself here 🙂

Again, TV time is shrinking….big! 

They found their “Christ In Me” frames. I’ll show you more in a minute.

And finally, two new wallets for money training: Give, Spend, Save.

Here are some pics of them finding stuff!

We took the girls into the school room and explained how all of it was connected: TV, Computer, integrity, family, serving, vision, change, purpose, etc. You know what?? THEY LOVED IT! 

Here’s a glimpse of our schedule:

And what they can do to earn computer time.

So, we took a snack break!

We finished the night with a project. About a year or so ago, a friend of our made the big girls matted frames. They were the girls names that made the matte and we could put pictures in it. We got clever this year and used them for a “Christ In Me” project.

I went out to the school room with the girls and we talked about all the things we’d like to accomplish this year, change this year, or let God change in us this year. Once we listed those things out, they put them in their name. Here, take a look…

And that is how we started our year with our kids. Feels good. Feels real good! 

10 thoughts on “Here’s What’s New!

  1. All I can say is, wow. And great handwriting whoever made the posters (I'm thinkin' mommy). Blessings to you in reaching your goals for the year! With Christ in You…..

  2. Oh yeah….well we brought in the new year by breaking out the Wii, drinking champagne and playing Apples to Apples. How's that for change, vision, focus and follow-through. The Wii Fit helps out in all of those areas so boo-ya.


    Seriously though, it is examples like that why Linz and I are so excited to have you and J.T. in our lives when we begin parenthood.

  3. I have just read a fantastic example of parenthood. And your girls loved it! Training them up right and making memories like this is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Blame it on the hormones from one preggo to another…but that made me cry!!! You are such an inspiration! Be expecting to hear from me in a few years 🙂 I hope it's a WONDERFUL year for you & your growning fam!

  5. I’m so glad girls! Jennifer, I agree! Sometimes we give him more credit and grtaely underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives! We have the victory! Let’s not forget!!Love y’all (even though I don’t know you!

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