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I Puffy Heart Stick Figures

I love stick figures. There is something about a stick figure that makes us all even, all aware of our surrounding. They make us consider our choices, like whether or not to cross the street, or if we should or should not stick our hand in something with blades. They teach us things. They remind us of things that could kill us like big trucks and giant animals.

Stick figures can tell stories very differently than the written word, but when combined with the written word, you might find yourself hunkered over in tears from laughing so hard.

Here, in case you ever need these….


Is he wearing a speedo?


Um, buddy, looks like you’re a bit too late.




Like my right leg could even fit between the rail and the wall.


This guy clearly ignored the Stop-Drop-and-Roll instruction


Next time I’m around an elephant, I’ll remember NOT to get under it’s foot.

Now, for a more personal touch. If you haven’t yet read my stories as told by stick figures, you can find them at these fine links:

4 thoughts on “I Puffy Heart Stick Figures

  1. Ha! Ha! I love the signs, and I read some of your links to previous stick-men incidents and laughed more. But you know somwthing odd, in Ireland we don't have any matching idioms to yours except 'Lazy Susan'- I had to read all your explanations to figure what you meant. Didn't make your comments any less funny though! S'pose that means humour is universal? Stick illustration for that please?
    PS I teach Bible stories and explain language concepts in the classroom through stick-men!

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