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Some Things Slip Through the Cracks

I’m sure most of you know that I homeschool my short people.


However, there is one thing I think I might needto focus on and that is the concept of time. I’m not sure how many of your children have difficulty with this, but let me give you two examples.

We were studying Noah Webster about 2 weeks ago. When I introduced his name my oldest, Boog, said, “Huh. He must have been really good at the Web.”

Napster. Webster. I see where she got it.

“Well, sweetie,” I reply, “Noah Webster lived waaaay before the Internet. In fact, he lived about two-hundred years before Granddad.”

It’s always good to use Grandparents as a time reference, because, they’re so OLD and what-not.

It didn’t work. That comment was quickly followed up by Goose with, “Did they know each other?”

*blink blink*

“No, sweetie, Noah Webster was waaaay dead before Granddad was even born.”

Interestingly enough, it didn’t even phase them that they were a cool two-hundred years off the mark.

Another area we teach is Biblical knowledge. And they have been in church their whole short lives. And they go to a discipleship, rockin’ fun, Wed. night group called Konnect.

But, somewhere along the way there was a piece of information left out.

Pastor JT, “Girls, what did you talk about at church tonight.?”

Boog, “Um, something about some brothers that didn’t get along.”

Mind you, they heard this story, made crafts around this story, ate snacks around this story, and still, this is the response he gets.

Pastor JT, “You mean Cain and Abel?”

Boog, “Yeah, that’s them.”

Pastor JT tries to cement the night in the truck on the way home. So, he said, “You know, Adam and Eve’s kids.”

Something clicked in Goose. She turned to her dad and in that moment she got it.

“You mean Adam and Eve had KIDS!?”

Yeah, we’re doing good so far.

Big Mama has a similar story.


12 thoughts on “Some Things Slip Through the Cracks

  1. mine is usually the same, but the Cain and Abel story she got, I heard it start to finish in little details after last Wednesday, tell JT he is doing a great job! Oh, and so are you…:)

  2. Oh, my goodness! What a hoot! Maybe Grandpa knew Adam and Eve, too? No, probably he was too young to know them… but maybe he played with their kids? And Noah Webster, of course.

  3. haha…love it!

    Yeah….gaps. But, somewhere along the way they seem to “get it”. Funny when they have a lightbulb moment…something you’ve been trying to teach them FOREVER..and someone else gets the credit for teaching them. Guess it helps keep us humble? 🙂

  4. They should have been at OKC for that one, Red Dawg and I acted that out so well they would have had it burned in their memory.
    Now that we needed on video

  5. I don’t feel so bad now when the kids we teach in Sunday School don’t recall things.

    And I like Big Momma’s post as well. This kind of thing cracks me up.


  6. I got a good laugh at that. I laughed almost as hard as I did when Robin wasn’t sure if she had taught the boys the 10 commandments.

    You are precious!

  7. Hee Hee. Teaching is hard. Teaching your own kids is harder.

    Hope I get to homeschool again some day. But maybe after my kids are fluent readers so they can just mostly teach themselves. =)

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