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The Only End

sunrise-165094_1280Tomorrow will come. For the majority of us, tomorrow will show up like it always does. Today will end, tomorrow will begin. Our brains signal to us that it’s time to open our eyes and we see the blue hue begin to lighten the room. The sun is coming again. We can count on it. Then, depending on what time of the year it is, some ten, twelve hours go by and she sinks down deep into the heart of the earth. Sometimes I don’t even notice. I should always notice when she dips down, and maybe even honor her with a head nod. “Goodbye for today, dear friend. See you tomorrow.”

I would also say that when tomorrow actually becomes today, much of what was today didn’t change just because tomorrow became today. I think there is a secret place in all of us that truly believes tomorrow will bring with it that relief, that answer,  that change we want. Eventually, there is always that tomorrow that actually does bring something we’ve waited for. Sometimes tomorrow brings an end to something. A beginning to something else.

Why is it so hard for us to just be in today?

I think there are reasons.

Today it’s hard. Maybe tomorrow will be easier.
Today it’s painful. Maybe tomorrow it will lessen.
Today I’m afraid. Maybe tomorrow I can be strong.
Today I’m angry. Maybe tomorrow I will calm down.
Today I’m alone. Maybe tomorrow someone will come.

Will this end? Will my today bring a better tomorrow? We hope for tomorrow.

Where is the end?

Where is The End?

Take a moment, right where you are, and progress in your mind way into the future. See the world spin and watch the days pass over the planet. Each continent passing in front of the sun and spinning back into the darkness. Over and over. Another day. Another day. Another day.

Where is the end?

We know it like we know the sun will come back up, that this is not what life was supposed to be. How many of us can nod in agreement at the statement, This isn’t how I thought my life would turn out?

There is something in us that assumes life will be good and easy. There is something in us that scoffs at the audacity that hard things comes. Now, I know, there are those of us who have dealt with enough junk that we want to say we aren’t surprised, and although we aren’t surprised, are there other emotions? Are you angry? Are you sad? Are you apathetic and assume it will always be this way? Those are responses to the same internal, instinctive belief that life should not be this way.

We look for tomorrow to fulfill what didn’t happen today. 

Fulfill. A word of longing. What will bring that peace we long for? What will give us fullness of Joy? What will bring to an end that raw gnawing that we were made for something different?

Only one thing, The End.

And I don’t mean the end of the age, I mean the Omega. I mean the presence of Jesus. He is The Only End to all that we look for, search for, seek out, strive for.

He is the culmination of all our “ends”.

We can run down road after road looking for ways to cope, for ways to stop things, for ways to bring peace and joy and abundance, for ways to stop the worry and the fear, for ways to keep peace and balance….but, we need to realize that it’s time to stop running down endless roads and just come to The End.

At the end of our anger, He is our calm, our Justice.
At the end of our fear, He is our joy.
At the end of our pain, He is our balm.
At the end of of sorrow, He is our comfort.
At the end of our striving, He is our abundance.
At the end of our insecurity, He is our safe place.
At the end of our sin, He is our redemption.

At any moment in our day, we can come to The End. We don’t have to exhaust ourselves in ourselves to realize we just need Jesus. We can come to The End before we run down those endless roads. We can enter into His presence before we wander in our fear, fantasy, anger, worry and pain.

He can be The End at the beginning of everything.

And, as we watch our world spin, one day after the other, at the end of the age, when everything finally stops, there will be no other End. He will be the Only End and we will see Him, love Him, rejoice with Him. There is no other end than the One who will end everything.

Keep your eyes on The End as the sun comes up tomorrow. He is the only way your tomorrow becomes a beautiful today.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Rev. 22:13

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