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“God doesn’t need you, He wants you”… I Beg to Differ

IMG_7399You’ve heard the line, “God doesn’t need us.” It’s usually followed up with “God doesn’t need you, He can do anything He wants, but He wants you.” Sure, I get it. God wants me and loves me, but there is something in us that cries to be needed.

Look at the meanings for these words in the English language:



Wanted: “have a desire to possess or do (something): wish for”
Needed: “require something because it is essential or very important”

All of us want to be wanted. We want to be desired and wished for. But, when we just stop there and teach our people, our church, that God doesn’t “need” us, we are saying (unintentionally) that we aren’t essential to the plan or very important to what God can do.

I beg to differ. Ephesians 3:10 teaches us something different. It teaches that it is through the Church (that’s you and me) that the manifold wisdom of God (Christ) would be made known to the world (that’s everyone else). Eph. 3:10

We are essential to His plan.

We are very important. 

Read that a few times.

Not only are we wanted, wanted by God to be in His known-ness, to know His voice, to have His Spirit, to walk with His Word and live in His love, but we are needed. We are needed by God to pray for the nations, cry with one another, bless each other, spread the Gospel, tell of His greatness, to finish the task of taking Christ to all people, to feed the sick, spend ourselves on the needy, love the widows and orphans, and on and on.

We are needed by Him to be filled with Him to be the people through whom He can take His love to the rest of the world.

We are essential to His plan.

We are very important.

Never let yourself forget that. Never let the enemy tell you anything otherwise, and he does this to all of us. If we actually believed we were not just wanted by God, but needed, as a King needs His army, there would be no stopping us.

Let us, teachers and pastors, stop telling our people, our brothers and sisters that “God doesn’t need them, but wants them” and change that to a more empowering sentence that “God doesn’t just want you… He needs you!”

Empower your people to greatness! Give them the words that say “you are seen”, “you are loved”, “you are wanted”, and “you are needed”. 

Not just needed to volunteer to make Sundays run more smoothly, but needed to accomplish eternal works of God that He has made ready for them. And then help them discover what that is!

This is powerful stuff.

This makes the stay at home mom not feel like she is overlooked and forgotten. This gives the man who goes to the same job, day in and day out, a sense of Biblical and eternal awareness that he matters in the place he goes to every day. This gives the student the ability to see that her time in school is not in vain and not for earthly gain alone. This gives the woman who works those hard hours the kind of encouragement she needs to keep seeking her place in His Kingdom.

We are all wanted: God has a desire to possess us.

We are all needed: God sees us essential and very important.

We are essential to His plan.

We are very important.

Both of these truths will set us free from insecurity, fill us with strength, and give us purpose.

Do you feel essential and very important?
Why or why not?

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