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“He Doesn’t Talk to Me!” said the 4 year old.

I’ve decided that working out is the right thing to do. So much so I now have a personal trainer. Yes, I’m that cool. Truth be known, I have her for two reasons. 1. I do not know a whole lot about working out. 2. She’s one of my besties here in Nashville and we laugh…a lot. So, she is my frainer. My friend trainer. Or my Triend. Whatever, stop trying to blend words, Nat.

So, we meet about every other week for her to put me through hell with our friend Jaime. She sends us off heaving and sweating and with a new workout schedule for the week. Super. All week I have her to blame for burpies, squats, hard card on the treadmill that includes hills, big ones. It’s what you think it is. Hard freaking work.

One fine day, before it got to the unbearable temperature of 80, I was working out on my patio. My four year old darling little boy came looking for me. I was in the middle of something painful when he sat on the chair and said, “Mom, why you always gotta work out?” My mind raced for a better answer than, “Well, honey, because since I had you I can’t lose a dang pound and mommy feel like a lardo most days.” Hmmmm, what to say? What to say?

I said, “Honey, I do this so I can be healthy and strong so I can do all God wants me to do.” Listen people, that is the truth. I do want to have a body that works well and stays strong so I can complete anything God tells me. And that is what I will teach my children. What I say to my girlfriends may be something totally different.

He then asked, “How do you know what God wants you to do?”

Huh? Come again? Aren’t you four!?

“Well, He tells me” I said. It didn’t but barely slip through my lips when he quickly and with a slightly irritated edge snapped, “Well He doesn’t tell me!”

Completely taken off guard and let out a laugh and then said, “He will sweetie. He will use Daddy and Me to help you and He will use the Bible….” I didn’t get much further than that and he was outta there.

You ever feel that way? Like God isn’t telling you anything or talking to you? I know. I get it.

Here’s the deal. Just because you can’t hear Him or feel Him or see Him doesn’t mean that His powerful Holy Spirit isn’t at work at all times. We underestimate the power of God in our lives and think it’s regulated by our emotions and situations. We tend to think that by some power of ours, whether it be a bad day or a hard season, that we have shut God up and off. We think our immature emotional roller coasters have the power to derail the One who raised Jesus from the dead. Let’s pull that bad boy back for a min. We do not carry that kind of weight or power. He is always at work. Always speaking. It is His very Word at this moment keeping your heart pumping. It is by His limitless power that you breathe your next breath. He is your very breath. He may be quiet, but He is not absent. May we never be so bold to think that God ever owes us an explanation or even another Word. Tough, I know.

When you have times where you are struggling to hear God, may I challenge you?

Stop everything.

Stop working at hearing Him. Stop reaching out and craning your neck to maybe hear His voice. Stop looking for signs and omens. Cease the work of straining to hear the Holy Spirit. Stop and be still. It may be for a day, it could be months. For whatever reason, either you can’t hear Him, or He has chosen to quiet Himself, you are not without the power of the Holy Spirit. Your humble spirit before Him may be just what you need and He honors. Your quiet heart before the most loving God might be all it takes for whatever to change. A heart of worship rather than a demand for an answer might be what you need to work on. Me too. His Holy Spirit knows His mind, the mysteries of all eternity rest in Him. We must learn to wait and wonder and awe at Him…even if He were never to speak again.

Sometimes, the darkest places bring the greatest revelation of Him, not us.

And I will give you the treasures of darkness and  hidden riches of secret places, so that you may know that is it I, the Lord, the God of Israel, Who calls you by your name. Isaiah 45:3

2 thoughts on ““He Doesn’t Talk to Me!” said the 4 year old.

  1. This is great, Nat! Sometimes I feel like I make things harder than they have to be. Rob and I were just talking about this yesterday after the message at church. Maybe I am doing exactly what it is God has called me to do…right now. Maybe it isn’t rocket science, or saving the world, or finding the cure to cancer. Maybe it’s being a loving, gracious, faithful wife. Maybe it’s being a loving, patient, nurturing mom to my two girls. Maybe it’s being a loyal, trusting, caring friend. Maybe it’s being a dedicated, honest, hard-working CPA. Maybe that’s it…for now.

  2. You’re not a lardo. But I’m glad you’re making decisions to be healthy, because it so important. And you’ll create a healthy legacy for the kiddos. I’ve been working hard the last year and I feel better than I have in years. It’s good to feel strong and capable, and not heaving sweaty mess on those hills. 🙂

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