Coffe Dates Will Change Your Life

I sat across from a friend at Starbucks who shared with me the lousy choices she had made the last few months and wanted to really get back with God. We talk and laughed. I think I helped a little bit.

I met a gal from Abolition International to talk about what’s going on the world with modern slave and sex trafficking. She talked. I consumed every word (with my bagel). She shifted me that day.

Another Starbucks, another friend. She sat there staring at me while I cried (sobbed) when I was desperate to go home and thought we’d made a mistake coming to Nashville. She was a balm. A true balm.

Sitting in desk chairs in the church office another friend spoke truth straight in to my rebellious heart. Stopped me in my tracks. She did more than shift me. Her words derailed me.

Countless date nights with my husband means laughter that if put in hot air balloons would fill the sky and take your breath away! He also gives me wisdom. Tenderness I do not deserve. Shifts me.

A phone call back to Oklahoma City. She is so dear to me I can’t stand it. She’s called me out, lifted me up, given me a stomach ache from laughter, and has listened with no answer to give me but a hug and a cry. More shifting than most people in my life.

I meet these people. We talk. I am changed. Most of the time these meetings have been put on the calendar. The texts actually say “I’m putting it in my calendar!” And we do. And we meet. And I am a better person for it.

What a wonder for a human, with all her failings and brokenness, to be able to sit across from another human with her failings and brokenness and we are better for it. What a wonder! What a gift!

And yet, we have access to coffee dates, lunch dates, shower dates, evening, morning, afternoon, bed time, running, walking, breathing…. we have all these opportunities to meet the only one who cannot only cause shifts in us, but transformation. He doesn’t just hear what’s going on and nod his head and pray with us; He infects us, changes us, establishes us, calls us to a higher life that will literally change the very direction of future history…and yet, we feel as though we can’t talk to Him.

Don’t have the time.
Don’t know how.
Don’t know what to do.

Do what you do with the gifts of humanity.


Put your time with Jesus on your calendar…at then meet him for coffee. 

You’ll never be the same. I promise. 

2 thoughts on “Coffe Dates Will Change Your Life

  1. Yep, coffee dates are the best ones and don’t happen without diligence:) I should take your advice and set up coffee dates with Jesus!

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