Could I Kill Someone With my GPS?

I have a fancy phone. It’s white and shiny and has a cute fruit on the back.

However, this fancy phone, is a draw for me. I mean, come on, I have Scramble, Diptic, camera, Instagram, Twitter, oh, nope, not Twitter, weather, banking, T E X T I N G


While driving with a friend last year, she saw a man texting on his phone next to us. Within a nano-second, I wasn’t even there. She went text-nazi on me and he was the enemy! I think I literally saw her blood pressure go up. She starts leaning forward, looking past me to the guy next to her. She starts talking, not really to me, just saying, “Is he? Is he…. texting?” That was it. She sped up and was going to roll down MY window and give him a piece of her mind. I sat there a bit sheepish and wanted to wave at him when she wasn’t looking. Thankfully, he changed lanes and escaped her fury.

She figured if he was texting, her life was in danger.

Was she right?

Then I saw some video on Facebook that shared stories about people who were just going to type one little word.

“lol” – killed a cyclist

“bye” – killed her passenger

“k” – and she was dead


How many times have I quickly typed something, then looked up only to think “where did that second go” or maybe have had to stop more quickly than I would have had my head been up.


I have four children. Four. And a husband. Why would I risk a stupid response, probably to a less than important text, to someone I will probably see in a few minutes?

Tyranny of the urgent? Thinking I can really control my 4, 000 pound Suburban in a pinch? I might be ok, but if my truck hits your hybrid, well, your phone wouldn’t survive, much less you. So, now I don’t text when I drive, and have threatened my husband with his life if he does.


I’m new in town and I need the GPS. Dang thing is just as bad. Maybe not as bad, because I don’t have to respond and think and try to type. It just follow the blue line (which I search before I start driving). Still, I’m looking down an awful lot. Did I tell you I have four kids and drive a beast? (yeah, that beast, to the left)

I’ve seen an accident because of texting. A young 16 year old was driving her mom’s van. She said she looked down and just looked up and ran into the back of the other car (knocking it up on the curb and into the fence). She was texting, I assumed. She didn’t admit it, but her silence and her head-hanging gave her up. It could have been worse.

What do we do? Tickets? Fines? Could I kill someone with my GPS?

Do you text and drive? Should you? How in control are you? What have you seen or done that sent chills up your spine out on the road?

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