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God’s Plan or Purpose for You?

Knowing God’s plan for you is secondary to knowing God’s purpose for you — to become like Christ, know God, and glorify Him. (Romans 8:29 and John 17:3)

I have a purpose in life.

Don’t we all? I really have more of a purpose idea. Not even a statement, just an idea. Lord knows I’ve asked Him a hundred times to show me my great purpose in life. And He has. So, what do I mean by that statement up there? Well, we Christians have a ton of advice, books, blogs, programs, tests, and activities that help up seek and find what we think God’s plan/calling/passion is for our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love it and totally believe in it and totally have done all said things. But here’s what’s happened with me: I let the plan (or “purpose”) of my life, with all the wondering about it, the planning for it, the watching for it, the waiting for it, get in the way of God’s ultimate purpose for my life.

His purpose is three fold:

Become like Christ

Know Him

Glorify Him

This is where it gets tricky. Those three things up there require absolute abandonment. There is no working hard to know God. There are no action steps to a successful relationship. There are no goal sheets or financial spreadsheets. It is an act of abandonment to the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things about God through Jesus.

To become like Christ is a millions acts of abandonment to self over and over and over and over until it becomes habitual and natural to bend to God’s will, rather than ours.

To glorify Him actaully seems to come more easily and naturally. We want Him to have all the glory. We want His name lifted high. However, sometimes what we want is that glory to come in the way we want it too. I know it does for me. I abandon again.

And then there’s the question of what does it mean to “become like Christ.” Well, that’s what we must seek in His word and in Godly counsel. Some of the things are see just flipping through the Bible. He is merciful, compassionate, straight forward, wise, knowledgeable, keen, sharp, loving, tender, aware, giving. There are so many things about Jesus that we will be conformed to, but it’s between you and the Spirit as to what He needs to do to you, in you, and through you.

The point is, which do you seek more: God’s purpose for you or His plan for you? 

Once we learn to put aside the self-crazed desire to know the “plan” and humble ourselves to the Purpose, we will see the plan very clearly. And we never know, it might not be at all what we had in mind, but it will most certainly bring Him the greatest glory and us the most satisfaction.

I’d like to change my statement to “I have a purpose in life, to become like Christ, know God, and give Him all the glory, and, thankfully, He’s let me in on a really great plan while I’m at it.”

May we abandon ourselves to the glorious and beautiful purpose of God!

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