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Your Strongest Weakness

I’ve never wanted to join the army, because a) I’d look terrible in those boots, b) I’m a total wimp and c) I have no desire to try and be equal with men who are twice my size and won’t whimper at a paper cut.

However, my admiration and love for these people of our armed forces is tremendous. That admiration has tripled after watching the series “Surviving the Cut.” If you haven’t seen this, do. (Netflix). It’s an inside look at the men who try out, willingly, to go into the highest levels they can. Army Rangers, Special Op Divers, Snipers, and three other shows take you into the gut wrenching training days of these men. The drop out rates are astounding. The men who make it, even more astounding.

Yesterday, at a women’s group, we were talking about how we can default to characteristics and responses within ourselves that drive us crazy! Something happens around us and we slip back into whatever we want so desperately not to be like.

(are these just me?)

These flesh defaults leave us whipped and tired and shaking our heads at the fact that we are “here again.” ¬†However, my friend Chris, brought a fresh perspective. She said that she was talking to God about this very thing and felt that God told her that many times coming back to those “bumps” or defaults are really an¬†opportunity to make a different choice. Usually following a victorious season, these defaults threaten to negate all we just experienced lately with God. If we look at our responses, defaults, or negative attitudes as an opportunity to rise to the occasion, we might find we will look more like our heroes in their military training.

Let me explain.

At the end of their intense testing and training, these men are at their end. They on no longer running of fumes. They are running on the fumes of the fumes. Tired. Spent. Desperate to stop. And just when they think they can’t do it anymore, they hear they have made it.

What makes this so amazing is that when these men are at their absolute end, they are given their new name. When they have nothing left, they are standing in their mightiest strength. You see, the whole time they were getting their butt’s kicked, they knew who they were becoming. They knew that each and every agonizing trial would get them the title they were so desperately trying to gain.

We are no different. We too are working though and with the power of the Holy Spirit to become someone else. Someone who looks like Christ. We must realize that at our weakest moments, Jesus is at His greatest strength, therefore making us stand in our destiny, our calling, our Name.

When you find yourself facing yourself (or any other trial) try listening to the voice of the One who is your strength. Humble yourself to the His might and let your weakness bring you to Him.

What are you facing?

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  1. Great post! A perfect analogy for me to understand and lesson for me to keep in my memory when I go through pilot training hopefully next year.

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