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Unfocused or Distracted

I’m stunned at my ability to lose focus.

In my physical body it’s as simple as taking out my contacts. Boom. Can’t see too good.

In my spiritual body it’s as simple as taking my eyes off Jesus. Boom. Can’t see FLIP.

But, did you “see” that? Taking out my contacts makes my eyes out of focus. In order to lose focus on Jesus, I have to look away. So, I’m not really losing focus….I’m distracted.

I know I have felt like that trying to fix my gaze on Jesus is more effort than ease. It’s not a focusing problem, it’s a something-shiny-in-the-corner-of-my-spiritual-eye problem. A distraction. A flashy something that dangles in front of me like a carrot, or a piece of chocolate cake because, really, are we all going to run after a carrot? I think not.

When something is out of focus it needs fine tuning, a turn, a shift. Even if it’s out of focus, the attention is on that which is fuzzy. There is an action made to bring the object into focus. When it comes to my relationship with God, more than not,  I’ve completely turned my lens onto a different subject.  That too needs an action. That action is more than an adjustment, it’s an entire change of direction. What might be some of our distractions?

Maybe you’re caught in an habitual sin.
Maybe you have way too much going on.
Maybe you need to set a spiritual habit, a discipline of spending time with Him.
The past
Too many bills
Too many diapers

Whatever is causing a distraction, there is always a way back to consistent relationship with Him. He wants it more than you and would love to look you in the eye.


Where are you? Do you feel like you’re having a focusing issue? Needing to press in more, read more, wait more? Or, do you feel you’re distracted? Too many things calling to you and pull you away from Him?




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