5 thoughts on “Dumb Christians

  1. From one “dumb Christian” to another, I’m just excited by the fact that I know (and am related to) the smarter being in the Universe! What’s astounding is that, despite the fact that He is SOOOOOOOO smart, He chooses to love little ole me! Indeed, to love, choose and use me — and you, Natalie! Yahoo! Keep speaking up for Jesus, and thanks for letting me tell women’s ministry leaders about your speaking availability over at http://www.WomenSpeakers.com. Sweet!

  2. Intellectual persecution it may be.

    Or, perhaps, there is something to the scientific observations which shed new light on the wonders of how God created the universe.

    I certainly hate the name calling (on both sides of this mess). I really wish I could trust someone’s data. I really wish I were smarter. But as a Christian, I believe I have a responsibility to pick my battles and–for the ones I should be involved with–take the time to study up as best as I can. This journey is far from over for me, but the things I’ve read and learned have certainly made the whole “evolution/creation” thing a lot more murky than it used to be.


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