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I thought I got honor. I mean, I tear up with the rest of us when the military gets an applause in the airport. That is certainly honor. Mercy. That gets me.

I love standing for someone and clapping for them.

I love telling my husband he is an amazing father and husband.

I love sticking up for people.

I love doctors and teachers and emergency workers.

I love people who risk their lives for others.

I love telling my kids how amazing they are.


So, now that we have that covered, I recently was shown something by God pertaining to honor. It’s super easy to have honor for those listed (and others) but something I haven’t shown much honor in is the, well, more secret places.

my time
my thoughts
what I feed my body

Websters Dictionary says this about honor:

1. High respect, esteem
2. a privilege
3. “honor implies the acknowledgment of a person’s right to be honored”

So, I have to ask myself, Is there anything in my life that is from God (who is the highest and worthy of all honor) that I do not honor, hold in high respect, esteem, consider a privilege?

The answer? Yes.

If God is the highest in my life who deserves all honor in all areas, then I have to take a look at what areas I’m lacking in in honor. ┬áHe is after His own glory, His own honor, and so should I be. Because, when I make that my primary objective then…. well, just read this little gem of a scripture.

“Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you.” Exodus 20:24b

Wow. Wherever He is honored then He will be and He will bless. Makes me want to make sure I am honoring Him in all ways.

What about you? Any areas you can think of where your honor to God might be, let’s say, a little less than?

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