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Do You Speak It?

Some people say we shouldn’t express our fears out loud because the enemy will hear it and capitalize on it.

Some people say that we should say everything in prayer, out loud, and against the enemy.

Which is better?

Does one show more fear in the enemy than faith in God?

What about confession? How are we to confess if we don’t speak it? Couldn’t he capitalize on our confession and use it against us in other temptations?

Here’s what I say: Go ahead and say everything! If God can raise Jesus from the dead, He can kick some devil’s *beeep* in our lives. Hiding our fears from the enemy is no way to gain control through the Spirit of our hearts and minds.

What do you say?

2 thoughts on “Do You Speak It?

  1. It depends….

    First, let me say, I take it ALL to God – my absolutely MIGHTY GOD…. The One who has ALREADY WON the ULTIMATE Battle.

    But like found in Daniel, there is a spirtual war going on and the evil one’s forces are strong – strong enough to delay the Mighty One’s forces for a time… I will not aid the enemy. It is not fear – its war…. Absolute, all out spiritual war….

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