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The Only End

Tomorrow will come. For the majority of us, tomorrow will show up like it always does. Today will end, tomorrow will begin. Our brains signal to us that it’s time to open our eyes and we see the blue hue begin to lighten the room. The sun is coming again. We can count on it. Then, depending on what time…

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Wanting a Pacifier God

“She’s lost her paci again.” These words have been uttered who knows how many times in all the years we’ve been raising kids. The never-ending hunt for a paci plagues most parents with babies who love those darling, wonderful peace-saving pieces of rubber! Whoever invented the paci should get a Nobel Peace Prize, or at least a firm slap on the back.…

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When Fear Pounces and Joy Unfolds

I didn’t want to take showers anymore because I knew that I would find something wrong. I would start the water and my stomach would fill with the little knives of anxiety. My heart race, my breath shorten. Somewhere along the way on my road of depression and grief, I had developed a trigger that said, “You get in and…

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Why We Don’t Pray

I’ve sat silent before God, unable or unwilling to talk. He’s been in my heart’s peripheral, while being on my blog’s front page, my next tweet, my sunset Instagram. I lift my hands before him in church, and then find myself looking around to see if anyone else has their hands up. Losers with your hands in your pocket! Don’t…

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Why I Watched Him Die

It popped up in my Twitter feed. I had heard about it all week and even read just a bit on the situation, but this link, this click, took me to the video. I clicked on the play triangle. 22 some odd minutes appeared at the top. 22? Twenty-two minutes of this? I sat on my piano bench and turned…

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