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One Way Ten Years of Homeschooling Has Paid Off

I’ve cried more times than I want to admit about this whole homeschooling thing. We’ve been doing it for ten years and each year has different tears, different fears, different joys. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. It challenges me and bothers me. There have been years I’ve gotten so close to chunking the whole idea and sending them…

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Why You Matter

From since before the earth and universe were created, there has been one theme, one triumphant sound coming from one constant orchestration of what has been and what will be. From the first Spoken Word “Let there be Light” the Light spanned galaxies and time and space, turning the eyes and hearts of men toward one end point. The Light…

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Why We Don’t Pray

I’ve sat silent before God, unable or unwilling to talk. He’s been in my heart’s peripheral, while being on my blog’s front page, my next tweet, my sunset Instagram. I lift my hands before him in church, and then find myself looking around to see if anyone else has their hands up. Losers with your hands in your pocket! Don’t…

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Spend Yourself in Prayer

Crucified upside down. Staked. Burned alive. Torn apart by lions. Skinned alive. Shot. Beheaded. Tortured. No one wants to read that. No one wants to actually believe people are capable of things we hear, have studied in history, in the Bible, and now have seen on our screens. I’m with you. I’d rather run, hide, pretend it isn’t real and…

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Why I Watched Him Die

It popped up in my Twitter feed. I had heard about it all week and even read just a bit on the situation, but this link, this click, took me to the video. I clicked on the play triangle. 22 some odd minutes appeared at the top. 22? Twenty-two minutes of this? I sat on my piano bench and turned…

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