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The Third Week and Other Emotional Upheavals

Men, just, well, read if you want. When I am about 10 days away from starting my, you-know-what, that war between rationality and emotional upheaval ensues. We women simply cannot help it. If you’re like me, those 7-10 days leading up to what we casually call our “period”, can take a normal, everyday person and…


Spend Yourself in Prayer

Crucified upside down. Staked. Burned alive. Torn apart by lions. Skinned alive. Shot. Beheaded. Tortured. No one wants to read that. No one wants to actually believe people are capable of things we hear, have studied in history, in the Bible, and now have seen on our screens. I’m with you. I’d rather run, hide,…


The Dangerous Search for Our True Self

I love my personality. However, there are things about it that I think “Huh. Wish I wasn’t like that”, and then in the next breath I’ll be all, “I really like that about me!” For instance, I can fly off the handle. I can go from a ho-hum, la-tee-da, I’m not doing much but fiddling…