Being Real, Humor

It’s The Things We Say

Sometimes I say dumb things. I pride myself in being moderately smart, but then, there are times I can say some dumb things. When I was in highschool I called LensCrafters and asked them who their obstetrician was. Now that I think about it, I’m  really upset that person didn’t take the opportunity to run with that! “Thank you for…

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Bible thinkin', Holy Spirit

The Only End

Tomorrow will come. For the majority of us, tomorrow will show up like it always does. Today will end, tomorrow will begin. Our brains signal to us that it’s time to open our eyes and we see the blue hue begin to lighten the room. The sun is coming again. We can count on it. Then, depending on what time…

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Being Real, Health, Teaching

Freedom in Vulnerability

  Some Vulnerable Moments When I cross the threshold of an airplane and see the five-inch-wide tube I’m climbing in, there is a moment of “heck no!” and I wonder if anyone else thinks about the fact that we are getting in a can to fly 35,000 feet up in the sky. I used to live on a two lane…

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Family, Global Impact

One Way Ten Years of Homeschooling Has Paid Off

I’ve cried more times than I want to admit about this whole homeschooling thing. We’ve been doing it for ten years and each year has different tears, different fears, different joys. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. It challenges me and bothers me. There have been years I’ve gotten so close to chunking the whole idea and sending them…

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Global Impact, Mobilizing

Why You Matter

From since before the earth and universe were created, there has been one theme, one triumphant sound coming from one constant orchestration of what has been and what will be. From the first Spoken Word “Let there be Light” the Light spanned galaxies and time and space, turning the eyes and hearts of men toward one end point. The Light…

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