flagyl tongue discoloration


I Wanted Us to Suffer a Little, Then I Saw a Tree and Changed My Mind.

Just above me is a giant tree in our backyard. Growing up in Oklahoma the giant trees were few and far between, and were put on display at Christmas and people drove from miles around to take a look. Here, in Tennessee the trees are quite different. The rise so tall that you hurt your neck…


Wanting a Pacifier God

“She’s lost her paci again.” These words have been uttered who knows how many times in all the years we’ve been raising kids. The never-ending hunt for a paci plagues most parents with babies who love those darling, wonderful peace-saving pieces of rubber! Whoever invented the paci should get a Nobel Peace Prize, or at least a…


The Third Week and Other Emotional Upheavals

Men, just, well, read if you want. When I am about 10 days away from starting my, you-know-what, that war between rationality and emotional upheaval ensues. We women simply cannot help it. If you’re like me, those 7-10 days leading up to what we casually call our “period”, can take a normal, everyday person and…